A Space Shuttle Just Flew Over my Head

Most of my readers should know by now that I am obsessed with space + spaceflight.  Today I got to see one of the coolest things ever!!!!!!!! The Space Shuttle Discovery flew over Washington D.C. a few times on its final flight to Dulles Airport, and I went to Gravelly Point (along with hundreds of other people) to see if it would fly over National Airport.  IT DID!!!!!  IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!  It was being piggy-backed on top of a specially fitted Boeing 747, and escorted by a lone F-5 NASA aircraft.  They flew over three times before heading West and out of Reagan National's airspace.

Goodbye, Space Shuttle Program...CAN'T WAIT FOR ORION!!

And last, but certainly not least: the original theatrical trailer for Apollo 13!

©Nathan Mitchell Photography

Space Shuttle DC Photography

Gravelly Point Rocks

Gravelly Point is nice this time of year, isn't it? It's a little park on the north end of Reagan National Airport's main runway, just outside of DC.  It's a perfect spot for watching planes take off and land, picnic (I generally pack at least one bag of Oreo DoubleStufs per trip to Gravelly Point), peoplewatch, take pictures, and chill out.  If you're in the DC area and you haven't ever been...what are you waiting for?!  Get out there and do something with your life!

And here are some pictures for you.   The rest of the photos taken that day are on my smugmug page.