:: SXSW 2014 :: Austin, Texas ::

Last week a bunch of friends and I trekked from our homes in Virginia and D.C. to Austin, Texas for SXSW music festival.  I've attended for the past three years, so this year I wanted to capture a little bit of the vibe and people that go to this thing, because they are pretty weird! For those that don't know, SXSW music festival originally started as a film + music showcase of some of the nation's most talented filmmakers and musicians, but it was so awesome that smaller local bands from around the country wanted in on it too, so they just started showing up and playing in local bars for free.  It's now become so large that every single bar or club in downtown Austin has music from local bands from around the country playing from as early as 11am til as late as 3am, every day for 5 days!  Tens of thousands of people go every year, so as you can imagine, it's pretty packed and a lot of fun!  We ate a lot of unbelievably good texas barbeque + breakfast/lunch/dinner tacos, drank way too much Lone Star and generally dominated.  The photos below are a small taste of the flavor of SXSW 2014!!

Some of the bands pictured below are: Audacity Diarrhea Planet (Don't let the name fool you...they were the best band we saw this year...so good we saw them five times in four days) The Coup Jeremih Hospitality The Garden Indian Jewelry

Special thanks goes to my brother/bff Vineet Gordhandas for taking two of the photos in this post (031 + 032) while I was crowdsurfing during Diarrhea Planet!


Scream/Ruin Crushes The State Theatre

Very few were left alive after Scream/Ruin's set at The State Theatre. This metal band dominated!  They've got a pretty good mix of death metal and thrash influences so it's incredibly intense!  Check them out! I hung out with the band a little after the show and they're cool dudes.  Catch them out if they're coming to a town near you.  ROCK!