Karly + Jeff (+ Rusty the Dog)

I'm always up for meeting new people.  And photography just seems like a great way to get that done!  So I met up with Karly and her boyfriend Jeff for a portrait session in Alexandria.  It was delightfully cold and the sun was giving off a really strong orange light, and I mean it was great! We made some amazing discoveries!  We found a railroad track, a huge section of untouched snow behind a glassy building, and an old beat up parking lot.   And we met this kid from Florida who was so amazed by the ice on the Potomac that he was just standing there poking it with a stick just to watch it break.  I mean ice is cool but...it's ice on a river dude!  I guess it's the little things. : )

Enough rambling.  See the photos below!

Hey Rusty!