Scream/Ruin Crushes The State Theatre

Very few were left alive after Scream/Ruin's set at The State Theatre. This metal band dominated!  They've got a pretty good mix of death metal and thrash influences so it's incredibly intense!  Check them out! I hung out with the band a little after the show and they're cool dudes.  Catch them out if they're coming to a town near you.  ROCK!

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer at Velvet Lounge

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer.  Just hearing the name you know they're going to be awesome.  When I first saw them, in between some of their songs was this faint computerized, ghostlike beeps.  It's a sample from the movie Sunshine, and anybody who likes Sunshine is a friend of mine! Fortunately they rock as hard as their name suggests, and their shows are not to be missed.  Here's some photos of their last show.  Hammer No More the Fingers, friends from North Carolina, were opening and they were sick!

And yes, this is what the sky looked like right before.  You can't make this stuff up!

Bluebrain: R E S T R I C T I O N

Bluebrain rules.  The brotherly duo of Ryan and Hays Holladay continue to question the state of present-day music not only with their voices and beats, but with action.  From massive boombox rallies to epic museum soundtracks, they take music outside of its comfort zone.  This time they collaborated with a local DC urban dance group, Urban Artistry.  They wrote a track specifically for them to dance to.  Anyway here are some of the pictures!  Please, Bluebrain, continue to dominate.