2017 Year in Review

Hello world!

In this collection you'll find my favorite wedding photos made in the bizarre year that was 2017.  I'm thrilled to show these off because they represent all of the people that I met this year and all of the joy and excitement they experienced on their wedding days.  It's an honor to do what I do.

In here you'll see some travel shots from my various adventures around the world: Italy, Austria, Jamaica, and even Chicago (to answer your next question, yes, I got deep dish from Lou Malnati's, and yes, it was awesome). 

You'll see some political photos in here as well.  I had the opportunity to photograph former President Barack Obama in my new hometown of Richmond on his first major political appearance since leaving office.  I photographed Vice President Mike Pence, and former Health and Human Services Director Tom Price hours before he announced his resignation.  Pretty crazy!

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I can't wait to meet new friends and make more art this year!  Enjoy!

Prisms :: Whale Fall

Today I've got a special treat on the blog! Prisms-Whale-Fall-record

Many of you know but some of you don't that I play guitar and sing in Prisms, a shoegaze band based out of Washington DC, and after a huge amount of effort and a lot of hard work we're proud to announce that our second full-length record, Whale Fall, is done and ready for you to hear!  Many of you also probably know Sam Hurd, Prisms' bassist, and we are so proud to have this finished and available for your enjoyment!  Our first record was released in 2008 so it's been a long time coming, but we're SO excited!!!  Please let us know what you think of Whale Fall on our facebook page!

You can order the album on iTunes using this link!

You can also listen to the album for free on Spotify!

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you love the record!!!!