Kathy + Mark :: Portsmouth Virginia Wedding

Kathy + Mark were married on a lovely (and SUPER hot) July day in Portsmouth Virginia.

It's always so wonderful to me to see friends and family come together to support two people in their life together.  And when the love and the joy is strong enough, you can truly feel it through the photographs.
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Bonus points: we managed to sneak in a sweet night portrait even though it started raining right before we were going to go outside.  I had this epic plan for 5 or 6 different portrait spots and that all went out the window with the rain, so all we had time for was a single shot in a stairwell...and that's how you make lemonade.

Nathan Mitchell Photography

Nathan Mitchell is a wedding photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. He excels at capturing the joy, color, and excitement that is your wedding. Now booking for 2020 season.