Engagement session

Oi In + Jeremy // Engagement Session

I’ve been living in Baltimore for a little over a year now, and it’s been really great. The city is awesome, and there are cool people here, like Oi In + Jeremy! Oi In is a researcher and Jeremy is also a photographer! They are ridiculously cute together, and it was really fun hanging out with them on the drive down to the National Gallery of Art and back. During this journey I discovered that Jeremy and I have the unusual (for Americans, I guess?) connection of Mew being one of our favorite bands.

Mew is a Danish supergroup whose music completely destroys.

But ok, the photos. We made our way down to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art and walked around for a couple of hours, just being generally crazy and discovering all the nooks and crannies that the famed art institution has to offer. We braved security guards, we jumped over those dumb retractible barriers they use for airport lines and into forbidden stairways, we braved a rooftop full of giant metal numbers, we ran past the Calder mobile. For whatever reason we were not kicked out, and ended up with the beautiful images below. Here we go:


I met up with Maddie + Drew in DC, after they did a cake tasting for their wedding coming up this Summer!

I recommend all couples eat cake before an engagement session.

We walked around the Georgetown Waterfront in DC, exploring! The Swedish Embassy has a lot of fun spots to find, even if you have to dodge a few tourists and the occasional skateboarder to make it work. We discovered a boathouse that Maddie used to row from! Small world: It turns out that Maddie + I actually went to the same high school a few years apart!! Her and Drew now live out in Seattle and I was so excited to be able to meet them in person and make some art with these two amazing people!!!


Even though they’ve been together for more than 8 years now, and have two cats (the ideal number), I can sense that they have a very rich relationship. They share the same easygoing mentality that comes—i’m suspecting—from both a deep true love, and from moving out of the DC area. :)

But they also seem to be deeply happy in the life that they’ve built together. In walking and talking with them as we went along, I realized that their upcoming wedding is really less about entering into that perfect life, and more about throwing an awesome party in celebration of what they already have, and looking forward to what comes next. I expect great things from these two!