:: Katie + Ryan :: Georgetown, Washington DC Engagement ::

To my team of explorers, I say to you that victory was ours! This session was EPIC.  CanNOT wait for their wedding in October!!!! 002 Nathan Mitchell Washington DC Photography003 Portrait with jeep in foreground004 Portrait between parking meters at georgetown waterfront005 engaged couple waves to kayakers006 creative reflection georgetown waterfront007 beautiful moment lens flare nathan mitchell photography008 engagement session urban explorers009 engagement session in georgetown washington DC010 creative freelensing portrait nathan mitchell photography011 girl points off into the distance013 creative focus engagement session014 couple shares beautiful moment on rocks by the river015 northern virginia wedding photographer nathan mitchell

Becca + Phil's Hurricane of a Wedding - Arlington, VA Wedding Photographer

Whoa! We dodged a hurricane there.

No, seriously, this wedding happened literally a few hours before the hurricane hit DC!

As you can see Becca and Phil are really fun and pretty goofy!!!  Even though they were sad about the hurricane (see below) they also didn't care at all and the wedding was super fun despite the rain!!  Also this is the wedding that includes the now super-famous ZOMBIE BRIDESMAIDS!!

After the reception I drove home in CRAZY rain and made cookies.  Nothin like a hurricane to bring out the cook in me.