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Valentina + Francesco :: Sorrento, Italy

I'm back from my own honeymoon in Italy!  It was amazing and I will be blogging it, however first up is a portrait session of Valentina and Francesco.

While walking around in Sorrento looking for a good Italian restaurant, my wife and I randomly met Francesco Bognin and Valentina, sat down for some spaghetti, and talked about photography.  Francesco is a wonderful Italian wedding photographer, and we decided to trade portrait sessions the following morning.

And yes, the spaghetti was incredible.

001 Sorrento Italy couples portrait session002 sorrento italy couples portrait session nathan mitchell photography003 sorrento italy couples portrait session freelensing004 black and white portrait in cavern005 mt vesuvius couples portrait italy006 couple laughing against blue sky007 couple share intimate moment in flowers008 freelensing mt vesuvius couples portrait session sorrento italy