Karla + Billy are Engaged, and by the way Roosevelt Island is awesome

You learn something new every day! I got lost on Roosevelt Island once 2 years ago, which is funny since it's a tiny island and the trails are like one big circle.  In fact at the time I remembered seeing a giant statue of just Theodore Roosevelt's head, which apparently never existed.  So of course when Karla and Billy suggested we go around to the back of the island since there was a fun wooden trail there, I was like, "Wait there's a back?"

My engagement shoots are so enlightening!

It was really cool!  Karla and Billy were wonderful to work with.  Their wedding is in just a few weeks and I'm excited!  The National Airport air traffic was constantly flying over, adding a fun distraction every few minutes.  By far one of the coolest parts of Karla, Billy and I's Tour de Roosevelt Island was when we saw an Osprey perched over a fish it had caught in a tall tree in the center of the island.  It could have picked any tree of course, or, y'know, the ground, to eat its meal but it picked THE TALLEST TREE ON THE ISLAND.  Showoff.

Congratulations K+B!

Enjoy the photos!