virginia engagement session

Janene + Jerel // Richmond Virginia Engagement

Oddly enough, up until last week I have never done a portrait session in a recording studio. 

Well, check that one off the bucket list!  Because this engagement session at In Your Ear recording studio in Richmond Virginia was amazing!

First off, Janene looked stunning in a beautiful, sparkly black dress.  And I loved her ability to make Jerel laugh.  Second let me also mention that Jerel is a FANTASTIC pianist.  It's not every day that your engagement session has a soundtrack performed by the subject. 

Their love and affection for each other made me really happy.  I could tell by the way they held each other and looked at each other that there is something truly special and joyful about them.  This session was an incredible amount of fun and I'm so excited to be showing these images off!


This is actually one from the archives.  Did this session last year over at Belle Isle and thought I'd dust these photos off now that I'm actually living in Richmond!

It's an amazing feeling, being able to look at photographs and remember what it was like to be there.  That's part of why I love being a photographer.

It was March so it was still warming up in Richmond, and these two lovebirds braved the cold and the terrors of Belle Isle (are there terrors at Belle Isle?) to make some amazing photos.  I hope you have half as much fun looking at these images as I did making them!